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This is a video of a parade in Paris on the Eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Approximately 17,000 people participated. In this video the protestors first sing anti-semitic comedian Dieudonne’s Holocaust mocking song “Shoah Nanas” which translates as Holocaust Pineapples, where he blames Jewish people for his government fines for hate speech and mocks the Holocaust as a means for Jews to profit. Afterwords they chant “Juif, la France n’est pas a toi” which means “Jew, France is not for you.” 

Reblog the hell out of this. I’ve seen it before, but it never gets many notes. People are dismissing anti-semitism in France and it is killing me. 

Why am I not seeing this pass my dash every day like I do so many other causes? Why doesn’t this seem to merit even a casual reblog? Can you honestly watch this and not feel something turn cold in your soul?

Signal boosting this again. This is from January 2014. This has nothing to do with Protective Edge.

Some scary shit going on in Europe:

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Wise, so wise.

Wise, so wise.



There are way more videos on YouTube of people picking locks than I expected.


if you talk to gun enthusiasts for long enough, eventually the subtext becomes clear: they implicitly or explicitly imagine the purpose of the police to be protecting white people from black people, they imagine the purpose of a gun to be “”defense”” against black people. guns are raced as white. gun ownership is for white men and white women. black gunownership is seen as inherently illegitimate, inherently criminal. homeownership is raced as white as well.
white people use the political and social capital of homeownership to demand police protection.


just like there’s no contradiction between pro-lifers opposing abortion + supporting the death penalty, because both of those are pro-violence,
there is no contradiction between NRA types and Tea Party types opposing gun control + talking about the horror of state tyranny while tactily condoning or openly supporting police crackdowns on black americans.

Notice how the right wing conspiracy theory nuts were relatively quiet during the Bush years, and then suddenly bust out the rhetoric of armed revolution when a black man is elected president. (though these nuts were furiously active back during the Clinton years too)