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whisperedgalaxies asked: Re: Swearing in America We don't have the most variation in our swearing, whereas a lot of other languages have swears that capture more levels of intensity that just doesn't translate. The interesting thing about "fuck" though is it is just so flexible (in american dialects). You can use it as nearly every part of speech. As a result, however, we don't use much else. As a reader from America, the use of swears in American Gods sounded very natural to me. -A linguistics major




I agree. The glory of fuck is all the things you can do with it and all the things it can do. It’s an unbefuckinglievably useful swear word (used just there as an expletive infixation). 

Except that “unbefuckinglievably” is actually is actually a really unusual form of that particular infix—to such an extent, that most English speakers would think it was wrong if they heard it said out loud.  The version usually heard is “unfuckingbelievably.”  There are a bunch of theories why this is (morpheme boundaries, prosody, stress patterns), but whatever rule it follows does seem to actually be pretty strict.

Seriously.  Say the first out loud.  It just doesn’t work.

Well, lots of people use it. Here are the Wiktionary citations for Unbefuckinglievable and its variants. 

Fuck, I love the internet sometimes. Goodnight.


the bm/me person said maybe the pins are too short to reach at work bc the connections wear down with time, and you might have luck with a short extension cord
the electrical engineer…

Update (because I know you’re all riveted):  It turns out my outlets at home DO restrict the prongs into one orientation, so that theory is out the window.  No idea.

the bm/me person said maybe the pins are too short to reach at work bc the connections wear down with time, and you might have luck with a short extension cord
the electrical engineer suggested it might be gremlins, which you shouldn’t get wet and should get a professional to deal with
but yeah he said most problems are from a physical issue with the outlet. i’m assuming you’ve tried more than one at work??
Already tried both a power strip (which did receive power, as it had its own light to indicate) and multiple outlets in the same floor of the building.  It is notable that my old charger did work here.
I have a pet theory at this point:  The plug has one prong wider than the other, meaning I can only plug it into the outlet here at work in one orientation.  At my apartment, I think the outlets can accept it in either orientation; I’m going to verify this when I get home.  I suspect that the charger cord has these prongs switched and this is preventing it from working with the outlet at work, but not the outlet at home.  There’s text in the plastic surface where the prongs come out, and I compared my plug with a picture on the website that I bought the charger from, and the prongs are indeed reversed on my charger relative to the text.
Now, the electrician I spoke with told me over the phone that a two-wire device shouldn’t have an issue with orientation, and that chargers like mine are basically just transformers, but I neglected to mention that it also has the ability to detect whether the batteries in my scooter are full and shut off on its own, which may have something to do with it?  But either way, I don’t know why it would still work at my apartment.  Maybe I’ll try orienting it both ways at home and see what that does.
But I don’t know; it’s kinda baffling.  And the electrician is going to come look at it in person on Wednesday.  Maybe there will be gremlins disposed of.

I need help from a very specific kind of adult, one who knows things about electrical things.

My scooter charger works at my apartment but not in the building where I work and according to one of our electricians there is no obvious reason it shouldn’t work here.

I have already stumped one electrician and my curiosity is overwhelming.  Please send help.

Okay so The Man from Earth is not made very well in terms of acting or like, anything requiring money to produce it, but it’s still a really interesting film to me and I think you should check it out!  I haven’t seen it in a few years at this point, but I plan on watching it again soon.  (It’s mostly people standing in a room and talking, and one of them is like, “Yo, I’ve been around for millions of years it turns out,” and they just sort of explore that.)

Apparently there is a place in New York called “Bitch Mountain” for some bizarre reason???